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                        棗莊奧森樂器有限公司成立于2000年,占地20,000多平方米。工廠坐落于棗莊市市中區經濟開發區長江路29號,員工300余名,年產量80000臺,主要生產民謠吉他、古典吉他。工廠匯聚了一批具有創新精神的制琴師,以一流的設計,一流的生產工藝,先進的經營理念,使得我廠產品質量上乘,深受廣大消費者青睞。 最近幾年公司一直著重于單板吉他的研發,不僅吉他的工藝、設計考究,更對吉他的聲音不斷提升,與國內外制琴師反復研究實驗,做出一流的產品,我們的宗旨是:款款精品,制作適合您的琴!目前產品銷往世界各地,深受好評,竭誠歡迎國內外客商前來洽談、合作,共謀發展。

                      Zaozhuang Aosen Musical Instrument Co.LTD,founded in 2000,covers an area of more than 20.000 square meters ,located in 29#Changjiang Rd,zaozhuang ecnomic development area,with staff of over 300,annual output 80000 pieces.Mainly engaged in manufacturing folk guitar and classic guitar .With our best design and manufacturing technique, which makes our products high quality,we get so much popularity and preference.For the past few years we have been dedicated in research and develop solid guitars we've not only improved the workmanship and design, but also the tone quality. We have been working with the best guitar-makers from home and abroad,offering the best products to the world .Our aim is : "Make Every Product Perfect ,The Best Guitar You'll Ever Have." We have exported our product to all over the world.We welcome you and your company to visit and cooperate.
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